Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Misc. Pix.

 The double Fairlie with the unknown van.
Two of the Vale of Rheidol 4 wheel coaches.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

My 009 Double Fairlie.

The completed CWModels Fairlie. I had a look through the odds box and found some nameplates that Allen Doherty of Worsley Works gave me some time ago. Never one to part with money unnecessarily I cut them out and used rather than get more etched. Affixed with canopy glue, they will do.
The crew are Bachmann figures which must be HO scale as 00 figures are too tall.
Although not one for the purists- this is probably as near as I will get to owning a Double Fairlie.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Trees from China.

 I must admit that when it comes to trees I have a reluctance to make my own.

It is far too easy to source trees such as these pictured from China.

They are variable as shown but with careful placing they look the part.

They are also suitable for most of the scales I work in.

For the money- no contest.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

009 Van.

 I must admit that I have no idea as to what the prototype is or who produced the kit of the van that I found on the 009 Sales stand.

However, it has been well made and came with wheels. All that was needed was a quick coat of grey undercoat, transfers, a venetian blind roof, matt varnish and couplings and is ready to use.

Monday, 15 October 2018

009 Dundas DM28 Single Compartment Four Wheel Coach.

 This was found on the 009 Stand in a sorry state.

So after stripping off the roof it was cleaned up, given a coat of primer and then a coat of a light maroon rattle can paint.

Then some transfers, sealed with matt varnish and the glazing fitted together with a couple of bench seats at each end.

After glazing the roof and couplings were affixed. It does need some brake gear- until the it won't be used on hills!

Saturday, 13 October 2018

CWRailways 009 Fairlie Loco Body.

 Forgetting to take before building photos, here is the body of the CWRailways Fairlie Loco body which has been made to fit the KATO 'Shorty' Chassis.

I picked the body up from the 009 Society stand at the Small and Delightful exhibition last month.

Although I already had a suitable chassis I purchased another from Avalon Line Models at the same show.

This shows the dummy cylinders fixed to the chassis. Quite ingenious really as the original 'N' Gauge couplings are clipped out and the cylinders clip in to the aperture without modification. I did secure with a blob of glue to ensure they stayed in position.

The sides of the motor housing was painted matt black to disguise the motor when fitted to the body.

This shows how the motor bogie simply fits into the moulding- the whole kit comprises of a body, two smokebox doors and two dummy cylinders.

The only thing to add is some paint and handrails and basically that is all you have to do.

For a shade over £40 this has been a quick and easy addition to the fleet.

Must make some slate wagons for Woody Lane.                            

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Small and Delightful Final edition!!

 Finally- great I hear you say- a small selection of photos taken of Hillbrow.

On the left, the Arnold Sands wagon takes its first exhibition working.

Seen below, the Manning Wardell
spends some time on shed. Unfortunately LYD is not able to run on Hillbrow due to loading gauge issues (It won't pass the platform edging)

 The last working of the day as the sun sets on Hillbrow at Compton Dundon. Look forward to next year when RAF Misarah will be shown.