Sunday, 5 July 2020

00 Gauge SDJR Peckett.

Another Peckett!

This one is:-

Port of London Authority, Peckett W4 Class, 0-4-0ST.

 The colour and lining lend it to conversion to a Somerset and Dorset engine. Transfers are Pressfix from HRMS.

Makes a lovely companion to the 7F.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

009 Heljan Lynton and Barnstable twins.

This pair were originally both LEW and were from different batches of Heljan production. Wizard is from the first batch with Witch from the second. Both have run perfectly from new but they have both run on radii in excess of 14 inches. This layout has one curve at 12 inch radius leading to what will be the loco shed, this has yet to be laid but it is doubtful that either will visit 
They will eventually be joined by Warlock when the L&B Baldwin arrives.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

009 New Layout, Tracklaying progress.

The new layout , whilst basically a Tramway, will have to accomodate the Lynton and Barnstable locos.

To this end I have used the PECO largest radius turnouts with live frogs.

The Heljan loco's negotiate the points precisely without the need for modification.  Extensive testing was carried out whilst laying the track to make sure the loco's ran smoothly. In fact, this is probably the longest it has taken me to lay,what is really, a simple track layout.
This shows the canal basin board and one of the fiddle yards. The great thing is that extra boards can be added as time and space allow.It is very time consuming cutting numerous copper clad paxolin for securing the track at board joints.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

New 009 Layout- tracklaying.

Tracklaying continues with the first couple of  turnouts located.

I have altered the way I am laying the track on this layout. Usually I pin the track in place but this time I am using glue to lay the track.

Firstly the point is placed in position and one of the holes in the tie bar is marked, drilled and filed out so the resultant slot is clear. A hole is also drilled for the frog wire to make it's way under the board.

PECO turnout motors are going to be used and already have the mounting base and changeover switch fitted.. Also ready is the switch panel and a supply of very short screws to fit the point motors. Two down- four to go!
The great thing with these boards is that once the rails have been cut each board is small so can be turned over to easily be worked on without a large lump having to be wrestled with.

Monday, 29 June 2020

009 GVT loco lining.

It's not perfect I know but shaky hands don't produce the best work!

Pressfix Mixed Traffic lining is a close match for the lining on the Bachmann Baldwin so it will do for me.

Each loco is different and all need a waft of Testors Dulcote to seal the decals before too much handling.

The enlargements cruelly expose my shortcomings but that's as good as I can do presently.

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Derails swift delivery!

Not a large order by any stretch of the imagination but credit where credit is due.

Ordered three things on Wednesday afternoon and delivered on Saturday morning-excellent service considering the present pandemonium!The prices were very good plus they had all I needed in stock. Well done Derails!

 These parts are the last pieces needed to complete the hardware for the upcoming 009 layout, yet to be named.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

009 GVT Locos- lining.

I have been experimenting with lining the GVT Tram engines with a view to a corporate image for the upcoming 009 layout.

BR Mixed Traffic lining seems to be an acceptable match but my application does leave something to be desired.

Still I will persevere with trying as each loco will be different due to the placing of name and makers plates!

Compare the Bachmann Baldwin with the tram loco- on second thoughts no don't!